Private instruction on guitar, piano, flute, voice,

and bass

In-person: 1996-Jan 2012, January 2013 to May 2019
Online: May 2019 to present

My first teaching ventures were private flute lessons at 15 years old. Continuing my own growth as a teacher and musician has allowed me to find efficient techniques for lifelong learning in music that are tailored to the needs and desires of individual students. The private, group, and band lesson studios in the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Los Angeles, CA, as well as Overland Park and Lenexa, KS have all yielded amazing musicians that I’ve known over the years from 3-83 years old. Many of those students I was proud to work with for many years with a high retention rate.

Teaching online with ESL lessons became an opportunity to take my private lessons onto the Internet. While already working with Taylor Robinson Music to provide lessons at my home studio in Roeland Park, KS, I began traveling much more often while completing the last of my Masters degree coursework. Thankfully, Taylor Robinson’s webcam lessons are award winning, so teaching private lessons on their platform was an easy transition in May 2019.

Guitars in the Classroom

Oct 2016 to June 2020 as Teaching Artist and Faculty Trainer for in-person and online group classes

After an amazing year of co-teaching residencies and afterschool workshops with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) TK, EK, and Kindergarten teachers, I knew that I wanted to continue this work anywhere and everywhere I go. By giving classroom teachers in Title I schools the resources to integrate music with general subject education, Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) is providing growth-mindset education to teachers and students alike through the support and generosity of music communities and manufacturers all over the nation. Being entrusted with founder Jess Baron’s mission with GITC in the Midwestern U.S. meant building relationships between the school districts of the greater Kansas City communities with local businesses and music manufacturers who are supporting the growth of the GITC program in the middle of the country.

During the 2017-18 school year, professional developments were provided through grants given to GITC-KS by the Country Music Association Foundation and supplies provided by KORG Education, SAGA Instruments, and Alvarez Guitars (St. Louis Music) to over 50 classroom teachers and administrators in Kansas City, KS and Olathe. Thanks to the opportunity to focus my Masters degree coursework for online education, GITC has expanded to the Internet to reach communities without in-person faculty trainers with GITC-Online since the Spring of the 2018-19 school year. GITC’s online program offerings for trainees and faculty trainers alike, with growing popularity in the blended and flipped classrooms that allow training to happen synchronously and asynchronously, came just in time for the response to the pandemic in 2020!


July 2018 to November 2019
Improving my ESL teaching skills to better serve the GITC trainees in Kansas, coupled with just attaining my Bachelor’s degree, I turned to online ESL teaching with VIPKID. This online platform for international learning and interactions was also to prepare for my graduate thesis work. I never imagined how much I would enjoy this work!

During my time with VIPKID I was certified to teach Levels 1 (Pre-VIPKID) to Level 7 for one-on-one lessons and was part of the Rural Education Project (REP) to reach classrooms in rural China. I was very fortunate to have the “5 apple-rating” the entire time and to learn so much about engagement with English immersion lessons for students on the other side of the planet. Having a fully-booked schedule with many regulars for the one-on-one lessons allowed me to get paid for research that greatly benefits the educators I work with here in the U.S.

Alas, my newly-acquired Masters degree, new international government regulations, Daylight Savings, and a growing and thriving private music lesson student base brought my research with VIPKID to an end. However, I enjoyed having a connection with many students in China through a company that made it possible to travel while teaching!

Aimee Art Productions

Aug 2006 to Jan 2012, January 2013 to May 2017

Privately owned and operated by Aimee Young Hopkins, AAP has provided me with vastly different teaching opportunities with Music AND  with Critical Writing. From

  • Guitar and Recorder classes with schools in El Monte through the afterschool programs, ACES and Stone Soup
  • Pre-school music classes at Delaney-Wright Fine Arts Preschool
  • Composed/arranged the music for “Alice in Wonderland” and Music Director for the Immaculate Heart Junior High Theater Program production
  • Musical Director for “The Wizard of Oz” at Hancock Park Elementary
  • Creative Writing for Young Writers (2010 + 2011), Rock Band for Young Musicians (2011), subbed for Camp Mustang (2013), and intensive daily private lessons (2014) at Marlborough School’s Summer Program
  • Created class and curriculum for “Rockin’ Around the World” for Clifford Street Elementary and Our Mother of Good Counsel School
  • Guitar instruction for 2 years at Franklin Elementary’s afterschool program
  • Stone Soup at El Monte schools to enrich their afterschool programs with music education with Songwriting (2013), Recorders (2014), and Music Production (2017)
  • Collaborated with LA Arts in the Mountain View School District for 2 different schools with Songwriting classes for 4th grade
  • Contracted through Music Center at Valencia Art Academy in Pico Rivera with their TK/K and 1st grade Vocal Music
  • Learned Hebrew customs for guitar-based General Music at Growing Garden Preschool in Redondo Beach
  • Trained classroom teachers with Guitars in the Classroom to implement ukulele for language learning and as an afterschool classroom teacher coach and co-teacher residency during-school trainer.

Beyond the during and afterschool instruction opportunities through AAP, the private lesson instruction I’ve done in the LA/Pasadena area was done through AAP as well at students’ homes. Without Aimee’s encouragement and organization (even with 2 kids, this woman’s ALWAYS on top of it!), I would have never been able to teach so many different subjects, inside AND outside of music. More info can be found at about school and private lesson programs that are serviced by the company throughout the Los Angeles area.

Education through Music, Los Angeles

Aug 2006 to Jan 2012

The mission of ETM-LA, a non-profit organization, aligned with why I wanted to teach in the first place; ever since I started playing the flute in 6th grade I was so grateful that the school provided a music teacher and school instruments as my family couldn’t afford either. With this program, I taught at:

  • St. Sebastian in West LA (2006-2011, 5th-8th grade guitar)
  • NACP in Canoga Park (2006-2007, K-1 Gen Music and 4th-5th flute)
  • Rio Vista Elementary in North Hollywood (2007-Jan 2012, 4th-5th grade guitar)
  • St. Ignatius School in Highland Park (Sept 2011-Jan 2012, 6th-8th grade guitar)

I was commissioned by ETM-LA to write the Guitar Curriculum used by all guitar instructors in the program to fit with the ETM-LA mission, state and national standards, and the realistic application of the students only getting to play their instruments the one day a week that instruction is available for each school. ETM-LA also provided each of the Teaching Artists with professional development several times throughout each school year, the students with additional performance opportunities for some very prestigious audience members and TV shows like “Glee”, and, above all, the school teaching experience that allows for the Teaching Artists to continue their own careers in music.

Visit to check out the awesome work that they are doing and to support the program, and check out the video below at 1:12 where I spoke about the correlation of all subjects with the language of music.

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Professional Development with ETM-LA, 2011